Egypt plans to leave best beaches to foreigners only

A government plan to promote tourism in Alexandria has sparked controversy among the city's residents and holidaymakers.

Egypt plans to leave best beaches to foreigners only

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The plan, unveiled in recent days by Ali al-Manesterly, the chairman of the Alexandria Chamber of Travel Agencies, includes allocating private beaches exclusively for foreign visitors.

"It's insulting and deeply disturbing," Amro Ali, an Alexandria-based sociologist, said in reference to the decision. Denouncing the plan as "a form of auto-colonialism,” Ali told Al-Monitor that Alexandria was already losing its beaches due to rising sea levels and privatization.

He added, "The few remaining public beaches are not well-kept, and citizens still have to pay to get in. The few good beaches that exist charge a lot of money and are beyond the means of the average Egyptian, so there is already a class barrier in place."

Many Egyptians are skeptical about the plan

"Keeping the locals out of certain beaches is discriminatory and will likely fuel anti-foreign sentiment," complained 49-year-old Samira Abdel Meguid, an Alexandria resident who works at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology library. A mother of two, Abdel Meguid told Al-Monitor that her family no longer spends the summer holiday in Alexandria.

"To escape the overcrowded beaches of Alexandria, we spend our vacations at one of the resorts on the northwestern coast," she said, in reference to the long coastline stretching from Alexandria westward to Salloum on the border with Libya.

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