Egypt releases April 6 founder

The Egyptian prosecutio ordered the release of the founder of the April 6 protest movement.

Egypt releases April 6 founder

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Egyptian prosecution on Sunday ordered the release of Ahmed Maher, the founder of the April 6 protest movement, pending investigation into his participation in an unauthorized protest outside the parliament headquarters last week.

The prosecutors, meanwhile, remanded prominent activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah in custody for further 15 days in the same case.

Maher handed himself over to prosecutors on Saturday to answer charges of illegal assembly and organizing unlicensed protests and road blocking. He has dismissed all charges.

Abdel-Fattah, however, was arrested on Thursday evening from his home for taking part in the protest.

According to sources, Abdel-Fattah faces charges of "incitement to illegal protest" and "stealing a police officer's walky-talky" during the demonstration.

Last week, Egyptian prosecutors ordered the arrest of Maher and Abdel-Fattah on charges of breaking a recently-issued law making it illegal to organize protests without the Interior Ministry's prior approval.

At least 24 activists were arrested for taking part in the Tuesday protest, in which protesters decried Egypt's longstanding practice of trying civilians before military courts.

They urged the constitution-drafting panel – that had been meeting inside parliament HQ – to scrap a proposed constitutional article allowing the practice.

The 50-member panel has endorsed the article.


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