Egypt reopens Tahrir Square metro station

Many supporters of president elect Mohammed Morsi was killed by army during protests in Tahrir Square. And metro station reopens after two-year closure over Morsi death sentence

Egypt reopens Tahrir Square metro station

World Bulletin / News Desk

Egypt reopened a major downtown Cairo metro station on Wednesday after a two-year closure.

Located below Tahrir Square, a symbol of the popular uprising that toppled veteran leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011, Sadat metro station is one of only two stations linking the network's two main lines.

Authorities shut the station in August 2013 when hundreds of supporters of President Mohamed Mursi, ousted by the army, were shot dead at two Cairo protest.

The station opened to little fanfare early on Wednesday with a large security presence.

Metal detectors, surveillance cameras, baggage screening x-ray machines and half a dozen policemen greeted commuters at the station's entrances, not all of which were in operation.

Policemen were posted at turnstiles, checking tickets manually. A row of plain-clothed policemen brandishing assault rifles and uniformed conscripts also stood guard inside the station. Policemen manned each side of the platform.

One woman passenger ululated joyfully, another group of women chanted "Long live Egypt," as they alighted.

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