Egypt to respect international treaties- army

Egyptian army assures Israel and the United States with an expected statement, some Egyptian officials have been banned from leaving the country without permission

Egypt to respect international treaties- army

Egypt's new military rulers said on Saturday the existing cabinet would stay until a new one was formed and the country would respect international treaties, a statement that will reassure Israel and the United States.

"The current government and governors undertake to manage affairs until the formation of a new government," a senior army officer said in a statement delivered on state television, a day after President Hosni Mubarak stepped down.

"The Arab Republic of Egypt is committed to all regional and international obligations and treaties," he said. Egypt's treaties include a 1979 peace accord with U.S. ally Israel, which has been watching developments in Egypt with concern.

"Officials need permission to leave Egypt"

Some Egyptian officials have been banned from leaving the country without permission from the state prosecutor or the armed forces, a security source said on Saturday.

"The necessary procedures were taken to implement these instructions that aim at preventing attempts by some figures who held responsible positions during the past period from escaping the country so not to be questioned," the source at Cairo airport said.

"This includes ex-ministers, top officials and heads of companies."

Public scrutiny of officials and businessmen became an issue after Jan. 25 when tens of thousands of protesters first took to the streets seeking an end to the rule of President Hosni Mubarak. They demanded government officials and some businessmen linked to his party be tried on charges of corruption.

Last week, Egypt imposed a travel ban on three ex-ministers and a former ruling party official and froze their assets. The officials were accused with wasting public money and using their posts for personal gain.


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Muhammed Öylek