Egyptian boycott campaign against Turkish products

Supporters of the Egyptian coup have begun a campaign against Turkey for its condemnation of the military coup, starting with a product boycott.

Egyptian boycott campaign against Turkish products

World Bulletin/News Desk

Anti-Morsi Egyptians have started a campaign boycotting Turkey as steps have been taken to boycott Turkish products and television series.

It has been announced that Egyptian movie production companies have supported the “boycott Turkish series” campaign.

President of the Egyptian Moviemakers Foundation, Masoud Fude, expressed that a large portion of the movie companies in Egypt would be partaking in the boycott, and that 90 percent of the official companies will boycott Turkish productions.

Meanwhile some media outlets are planning to begin a boycott against Turkish products. The topic is being brought to the agenda on the ON TV channel of Coptic businessman Najib Soueris as the public is being urged to boycott Turkish products.

Some Egyptian experts have interpreted Turkey’s approach to the military intervention in Egypt as meddling in the country’s internal affairs, and have highlighted the need for Turkey’s foreign policy to approach the through an understanding of realpolitik and to recognize the new interim government assigned after the ousting of elected President Morsi.

The Presidential Press Advisor Ahmed Muselmani expressed that he considers Turkey's approach an unsuitable meddling into internal affairs.

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