El Baradei named Egypt's prime minister

Interim president Mansour appointed opposition leader El Baradei as prime minister, to which parties are already reacting.

El Baradei named Egypt's prime minister

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Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour has appointed opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei as the new prime minister after a military coup ousted elected President Mohamed Mursi.

"President Mansour has issued a presidential decree appointing Baradei as prime minister," the presidency said Saturday in a statement.

ElBaradei, a former chief of the UN nuclear watchdog and a Nobel Peace Laureate, was one of the figures who met Egyptian military chief and Defense Minister Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and agreed on a roadmap which saw the ouster of President Mohammad Morsi and the temporary suspension of the constitution.

The presidency statement said the same decree named Abdel-Moamen Fouda as chief of the presidential staff, Ahmad Al-Meselamani as media adviser, Ali Awad Saleh as a constitutional advisor and Mostafa Hegazi as his political advisor.

Mansour, the top judge of the constitutional court, was sworn in as interim president Thursday a day after the army removed Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, following massive protests against his regime.

Parties begin opposing El Baradei’s premiership

The Salafist Nour party and the Jamaa Islamia in Egypt have both vocalized opposition to the appointment of Mohammad ElBaradei as new prime minister of the country.

"We respect Baradei's management record but we need a technocrat, not a politician," Amro Mekki, the party's assistant president, told the Anadolu Agency.

He asserted that ElBaradei is the leader of the opposition National Salvation Front which would only increase polarization in the country.

"We favor an economic technocrat with no political affiliations."

The Jamaa Islamia also voiced its opposition to the appointment of ElBaradei, dismissing such a decision as null and void.

The group has said it does not recognize any measures taken under the army's roadmap and has vowed to resist such measures through peaceful protests.

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