European MPs to inaugrate football pitch for Syrian refugees

European MPs will put the finishing touches for football pitch for young Syrian refugees living in container city in southern city of Gaziantep.

European MPs to inaugrate football pitch for Syrian refugees

European MPs inaugurated a football pitch for the Syrian youth -bored to death in lack of activities- who are living in a refugee camp in Turkey's southeastern province of Gaziantep.

The civil war, which ripped apart the Syrian society, left hundreds of thousands dead and millions of others displaced, and caused more than 5,000 Syrians --more than half of them under age of eighteen-- seek refuge in Gaziantep behind fences. Nizip container city, official name of the refugee camp, hosts these Syrians in "one of the best run facilities of its kind ever to be created".

The camp have around a thousand containers for accomodation of Syrians, a hospital, a market, a kindergarten, two schools and a recreational center that includes a library, a PC room, a laundry, a hairdresser and others.

"There are a lot of kids here, they have very little space and not very much in terms of facilities so that is why we thought it will be useful to build a football pitch" says Secretary General Daniel Hannan of Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists ( AECR ), a grouping of center right parties around Europe. "The way which Turkish people have taken Syrian guests in their homes and in their hearts is a huge credit for the entire Turkish nation."

AECR started an initiative called 'Project Maja' where "parliamentarians from member states come together and work on a project where they physically leave something behind". Within the scope of 'Project Maja' more than 40 European MPs visiting Nizip refugee camp will work physically. They will lay the sand and plastic granules over the green pitch, and paint the fences surrounding the pitch.

"We are here because Turkey has been bearing this extraordinary burden of six hundred thousands of displaced Syrians. It is important to show that Turkey has friends in other countries." said Hannan. "Huge huge numbers of people are coming both in these camps and others. Of course even more are living in Turkish cities. I think it is incredibly to the credit of Turkish people and have done so without complaining."

"I will surely speak in Icelandic parliament to help here more and I appreciate what the Turkish government has been doing and the Turkish people." said Birgir Armannsson, an MP in Iceland Parliament. "But other European nations also must contribute to solution of this problem because there is a huge humanitarian problem here."

Touching on Turkey's bid to EU membership, "I think that Turkey has been badly treated by Brussels, I dont think there was, ever, an intention to offer Turkey full membership" said Hannan.


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