EU's decision will not affect Hezbollah's war in Syria

Hezbollah MP said EU decision to put Hezbollah on terrorist blacklist will have no influence over group's war in Syria.

EU's decision will not affect Hezbollah's war in Syria

Hezbollah MP Walid Sakaria  said Tuesday the European Union's (EU) decision to include the group's armed wing on the Union's list of terrorist organizations would not stop the group from fighting alongside regime forces in Syria's civil war.

"EU's decision will have no influence over Hezbollah's war in Syria," he told the Anadolu Agency. 

"Hezbollah is giving a war that will determine the future of the Islam world in Syria."

Sakaria also ruled out the possibility that the EU decision could hamper Hezbollah's involvement in a new Lebanese government.

"Hezbollah, like all other political parties, must be involved in the political process, however, its inclusion into the government to be established is a call to be made by Tammam Salam, the prime minister of Lebanon."

European Union governments decided on Monday to include Lebanese group Hezbollah's armed branch in the list of terrorist organizations, in a move that is feared to fuel tensions in Lebanon and the Middle East region at large.

The group has been a staunch supporter of the Assad regime, and has consistently backed its operations against opposition fighters.

Hezbollah's engagement in the Syrian civil war seems to have been an important factor in the EU decision, the Anadolu Agency correspondent in Brussels says.

Hezbollah is suspected of being involved in a bomb attack in Bulgaria last year that killed five Israeli tourists, which prompted Bulgaria to act earlier than the whole of EU to put the entire organization into its own blacklist.

Hezbollah members are fighting in Syria alongside forces loyal to the Syrian regime against opposition fighters trying to topple President Bashar al-Assad.

Backed by Iran, Hezbollah's fighters are believed to have played a crucial role in last month's recapture of the former rebel stronghold of Qusayr in central Syria after an intense battle with rebels.


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