Father asks ISIL to treat captured pilot son as 'guest'

The pilot was captured after his jet crashed in north east Syria yesterday. The US said enemy fire was not to be held responsible for the crash.

Father asks ISIL to treat captured pilot son as 'guest'

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The father of a Jordanian pilot captured by ISIL fighters after his plane crashed in Syria said he did not consider his son a hostage and called on his captors to treat him as a "guest".

Jordan is one of several Arab countries participating in the U.S.-led military mission to bomb fighters from the group, which holds territory in both Syria and Iraq.

First Lieutenant Muath al-Kasaesbeh, 27, was captured after his jet crashed in northeast Syriaon Wednesday during a bombing mission against the militants. The U.S. military, which commands the operation, said enemy fire was not the cause of the crash.

Kasaesbeh, who comes from a prominent Jordanian Sunni Muslim family, is the first pilot from the international coalition known to have been captured by ISIL

The group has a history of killing enemy soldiers that it captures on the battlefield and Western civilians that it takes hostage. Many of the captives it has killed are Shi'ites or non-Muslims, but the group has also executed Sunnis for fighting alongside its enemies.

His family has pleaded for mercy.

"I do not want to describe him as a hostage. I call him a guest," his father, Saif al-Kasaesbeh, told Reuters Television.

"He is a guest among brothers of ours in Syria ISIL. I ask them - by the name of God and with the dignity of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him - to receive him as a guest of his hosts and treat him well," he said. 

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