Fear and anger in Sanaa over Saudi-led strikes

A strike early on Tuesday near Sanaa airport blew a large crater in a group of five houses, witnesses said. There were no casualties, suggesting the buildings had been empty since a deadly raid in the same area last week.

Fear and anger in Sanaa over Saudi-led strikes

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Warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition have stepped up raids on Houthi targets around the Yemeni capital Sanaa, residents say, forcing many to flee their homes and spreading fear and anger among a population already wearied by years of unrest.

Another attack in the mountains just outside the city appeared to hit a missile depot overnight, sparking a fire which raged for several hours and heralded another sleepless night for Sanaa's civilians.

"I moved my wife and my child from Sanaa to our village because we are frightened by the strikes," saidMohammad Abdu, an engineer in his 30s. "We cannot sleep because of the intensity of the bombardment."

Saudi Arabia, backed by regional Sunni Muslim allies, launched air strikes on Thursday against the Shi'ite Muslim Houthis, an Iran-allied group which took over Sanaa in September and launched a military offensive in the south which has forced President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi flee the country.

In the opening stages of the offensive, warplanes struck at night. But residents said the attacks on Monday continued throughout daylight hours, perhaps reflecting growing confidence that the Houthis are unable to hit the jets.

The increasing attacks have taken their toll on the city of more than 2 million, where schools are closed and workers have show up only briefly at their offices before heading home.

"They are staying at home, especially those with children. People are only going out for vital things," said one resident. "Every day, hundreds more people head for rural areas" for safety, he said.

Mohammad Hakimi, a doctor, has stayed in Sanaa but moved to a less dangerous district. "My family and I left home and moved to a relative's house. I live near a government building which has anti-aircraft guns and I was afraid of the bombing."



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