Former Syria PM says there is no point to continue on Geneva II

Members of the Syrian opposition express skepticism about negotiating with the Assad regime for a political solution to the civil war.

Former Syria PM says there is no point to continue on Geneva II

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It would be a big mistake to continue the Geneva II conference on the Syrian crisis under current conditions, former Syrian prime minister Riad Hijab told Anadolu Agency.

"We always look for a political solution but Assad failed to comply with Geneva I decisions such as releasing prisoners and lifting the siege of all cities,'' said Hijab. ''[He] must allow humanitarian aid, otherwise there is no point to continue on Geneva II.''

Riad Hijab had run for Syrian National Coalition for Opposition & Revolutionary Forces (SNCORF) presidency but lost the position against current President Ahmad Jarba.

As for running for presidency, he said he had intended "to stop bad management of the coalition and bring opposition groups back to a revolutionary path."

However, Hijab expresses disappointment with the SNCORF as he plans to resign from membership since "the SNCORF is going to sit on the table with the Assad regime to negotiate."

Meanwhile, Kemal Al Lebwani resigned from his position as a SNCORF member due to the same reason as Riad Hijab.

"We started the fight against Assad to take him down but now they want to make a contract with him," Al Lebwani said.

Criticizing Geneva II as "only obeying foreigners," Al Lebwani said the conference will not change anything as "war will not end, neither will Assad go."

He concluded, "we only have Turkey left to trust, and we saw that clearly throughout the process.

The Geneva II is a UN-backed meeting scheduled for January 22 which aims to end the Syrian civil war.


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nick olson
nick olson - 8 yıl Önce

Actually he should have spoken more specifically and said Ergodan rather than Turkey. With regards to a recent string of corruption arrests and probes the exit of ergodan from the world stage to the dust-bin of history appears imminent. The people of Turkey have been stunned to learn of his regimes involvement with al qada bankers and arming the terrorists in what previous to his nato puppet regim