Gas deal would make Jordan donor to Israeli apartheid

At least 26 organizations, including trade unions and political parties, have joined the Jordanian Campaign to Stop the Zionist Gas Deal.

Gas deal would make Jordan donor to Israeli apartheid

World Bulletin / News Desk

Peace activists in Jordan have put the state “on trial” for a $15 billion gas deal that is currently down to final negatiations with Israel, according to a report in Electronic Intifada

The deal that is currently being negotiated by the state-owned National Electric Power Company and a consortium led by US giant Noble Energy. If implemented, it would involve the extraction of more than 300 million cubic meters of natural gas from the Israeli-controlled Leviathan gas field in the Mediterranean Sea.

Among the charges considered were that the deal would involve funding Israeli terrorism, threaten Jordan’s national security and assists Israel in war crimes against Palestinians.

After concluding that the proposed deal would violate Jordanian anti-terror law and the country’s penal code, the tribunal declared it null and void.

Ayoub Abu Dayyeh,  president of the Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Energy Society, explained to the the tribunal that there are ample alternative sources that could meet Jordan’s energy demands and that the insistence of importing gas from Israel exposed the political and suspect agenda behind the deal.

The treaty is widely opposed by the public making it difficult for the Jordanian government to ignore public disapproval.

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