General Sisi is new hero of Israelis

Israelis find a new hero in Egypt.

General Sisi is new hero of Israelis

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Israeli people are seeing Egyptian general Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who announced the toppling of democratically elected president Morsi and the suspension of the constitution on July 3, as a hero. 

Haaretz columnist Ari Shavit has written that Israelis were yearning for Sisi who announced the military coup against President Mursi, in the article titled of "Longing for Egypt's General Sisi" on Thursday. 

The article compares Sisi with Morsi by having the former represent the ideal of "undemocratic enlightenment" of society's elite and the latter represent the "unenlightened democracy" of the people in general.

Ari Shavit specifically targets Morsi's beard by saying, "Israel had no doubts about Sisi and they’re all for the right of clean-shaven generals who were educated in America to end the rule of an elected, bearded leader, who was also educated in America and who was supposed to subordinate the generals to his authority."

"The Israeli yearning for Sisi is two-fold. Looking out, we seek friendly dictators who will rule the hostile Arab masses surrounding us," he writes, conveying the Israeli attraction to dictators they find sympatethic due to their grasp on the Arab populations they govern. 

Regarding Israeli politicians, Shavit adds, "But when we look in, many of us long for a supreme commander of our own who will limit the powers of the elected political leadership we loathe."

He expresses that the "Israeli center-left elite" dreams of "Men in uniform with the same ideological DNA as ours will save the homeland from the unfit, elected governments that the ignorant masses voted for in their great stupidity."

"While the protest marches were impressive, their translation into partisan politics was miserable. After years of degeneration, enlightened Israeli society has lost the ability to act within the parameters of democracy and absorb the principle of majority rule. It no longer knows how to love the people, talk to the people and respect the people’s decisions."

Meanwhile, protests against Morsi as well as those against the coup are ongoing as by the supporters of elected president Morsi will gather in four locations across Cairo to protest against the military coup after the Friday prayer on July 12.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 12 Temmuz 2013, 13:05