Geneva meeting 'last chance' for Syria

Arab League chief says Geneva meeting 'last chance to end Syria blood bath' as the second round of peace talks in Geneva is scheduled for June

Geneva meeting 'last chance' for Syria

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Secretary General of Arab League Nabil el-Araby warned Tuesday that a second conference to be held in Geneva on the crisis in Syria was "the last chance to end the blood bath."      

In a press conference after a meeting in Cairo with United Nations and Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, El-Araby said that Brahimi's efforts would help the US and Russia come closer.      

"Everyone tries to make sure that the second Geneva conference succeeds. It is the last chance to end the Syria blood bath," el-Araby said.      

Brahimi said the UN was negotiating with the US and Russia to decide on who will participate in the conference.      

At the beginning of May, US Foreign Minister John Kerry announced that an agreement was sealed during a visit in Russia on holding an international conference to find a peaceful settlement to the Syria crisis.

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Muhammed Öylek