Hamas executes two men in Gaza as spies for Israel

Palestine Ministry of Interior said two Palestinians executed in the Gaza Strip as Israeli spies.

Hamas executes two men in Gaza as spies for Israel

World Bulletin/News Desk

Two Palestinians were executed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday as Israeli spies, Palestine Ministry of Interior said, adding they had helped the Jewish state's armed forces carry out lethal operations.

The condemned men, one of whom was hanged and the other shot by firing squad, "provided the Occupation (Israel) with information that led to the martyrdowm of citizens", the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The Interior Ministry statement said the men executed on Wednesday had been convicted of treason for providing Israel with information used to kill Palestinians and bomb Gaza targets. Both had exhausted legal options and had access to attorneys, the statement said.

Permanent Military Court sentenced two suspected men condemining them with charges of treason and espionage with foreign hostile and attempted murder.

Since Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, at least 19 prisoners have been executed, 10 of them as alleged spies.


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