Hazem El Beblawi named as Egypt's prime minister

Prominent liberal economist Hazem El Beblawyi named as Egypt's prime minister.i

Hazem El Beblawi named as Egypt's prime minister

17:37 - Egypt's interim president on Tuesday named liberal economist and former finance minister Hazem el-Beblawi as prime minister in a transitional government, as the authorities sought to steer the country to new parliamentary and presidential elections.

Acting head of state Adli Mansour also appointed former U.N. nuclear agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei as deputy to the president, responsible for foreign affairs.

The Nour Party, which has held up the political process by objecting to several candidates put forward by military-backed interim authorities, said it would support Beblawi's appointment. The head of the party added that it was still studying ElBaradei's appointment.

Egypt police defuse bomb near pro-Morsi sit-in

17:24 -Egyptian security forces defused on Tuesday a bomb near Nahda Square, where supporters of ousted President Mohammad Morsi have been staging a sit-in for days.

"Bomb disposal teams have defused the bomb," a security source told the Anadolu Agency.

The source said residents had earlier alerted the authorities to a suspicious body they found, before authorities determined it was a bomb.

Supporters of Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, have been camping in Nahda since his ouster by the army last week.

84 killed outside Republican Guards HQ

16:20 - The Egyptian Medical Syndicate said 84 people, including two doctors, were killed outside the Republican Guards headquarters, where supporters of ousted president Mohammad Morsi were camping.

Syndicate spokesman Ahmed Lotfi told a press conference that more than 1,000 were injured, including 7 doctors.

The Egyptian Ambulance Authority had earlier put the death toll at 51 people.

The Medical Syndicate Secretary General Jamal Abdel-Salam told reporters they have testimonies from many doctors at the scene regarding what really happened.

"These testimonies will be submitted to the investigating authorities."

Samir Radwan confirms to nomination for PM

16:00 – Former Finance Minister Samir Radwan has confirmed that he is being nominated to the post of prime minister.

“Consultations have not been concluded yet,” Radwan said over the phone from Geneva where he is on vacation.

Radwan served as finance minister between January 31, 2011 and July 16, 2011 under Prime Minister Essam Sharaf. He served for 30 years as financial advisor in the International Labour Organization.

The Salafist Nour party has announced its support for the nomination of Radwan for the prestigious post.

Brotherhood rejects decree on new constitution

15:20 - The Muslim Brotherhood rejected a decree issued by Egypt's interim head of state overnight, which set a timetable for new elections and set up a mechanism to amend the constitution.

Senior Brotherhood politician Essam El-Erian said the decree by interim head of state Adli Mansour was "usurping legislative power" and an act of "someone appointed by the putschists".
Mansour's decree issued overnight sets out a timetable that could lead to parliamentary elections in about six months, to be followed by a new presidential election. The constitution would be amended and again put to public vote in a referendum.

The Brotherhood is demanding the military reinstate Mursi as president and has said it will have nothing to do with the military-backed transition.

UAE agrees to give Egypt $3 billion in loans and grant

15:11 - The United Arab Emirates has agreed to grant Egypt $1 billion and lend it another $2 billion, an Egyptian source close to the talks said on Tuesday.

The source said the amount was expected to be part of a larger financial package from the UAE. The loan would be in the form of a deposit at Egypt's central bank, although the interest rate and maturity had yet to be finalised.

He also said that Saudi Arabia was expected to lend Egypt $2 billion, which he expected to be confirmed within two days.

Morsi loyalists gather in Al-Adawiya

14:00 - Loyalists of ousted president Mohammad Morsi are converging on Rabaa Al-Adawiya square in the Cairo district of Nasr City to join the “martyr” mass demonstration mourning the tens of supporters killed outside the nearby Republican Guards compound a day earlier.

Popular committees organized by loyalists check the IDs of everyone going into the square as a security precaution.

Small groups of supporters march through the different areas of the square to raise morale.

The National Front for the Defense of Legitimacy, a coalition of largely Islamic parties, has called for mass protests Tuesday to mourn those killed outside the Republican Guard HQ..

UAE foreign minister to arrive in Cairo Tuesday morning

11:58- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) foreign minister will arrive in Cairo on Tuesday morning at the head of the most senior foreign delegation to visit Egypt since the military overthrew President Mohamed Mursi.

The delegation is coming to "show full support to the people of Egypt - political support, economic support," Egypt's foreign ministry spokesman Badr Abdelatty told Reuters by telephone.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and National Security Adviser Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed will meet with Egypt's president and minister of defence.

Nour Party would accept ex-finance min as interim PM

11:20- Egypt's Nour Party, the country's second-biggest Islamist movement after the Muslim Brotherhood, said on Tuesday it would accept the choice of former finance minister Samir Radwan as interim prime minister.

Nour Party spokesman Nader Bakkar told Reuters the party would accept Radwan because he met the party's criteria for an interim prime minister. Political sources said on Monday that Radwan had emerged as the favourite for the post.

Army's pretext to massacre refuted by Doctors Union

09:52 - Secretary General of the Doctors Union Jamal Abdusselam refuted the attacks on the Republican Guards Headquarters early Monday which killed at least 51 people.

Secretary General of the Doctors Union Jamal Adusselam told a press conference that protestors would not attack the headquarters of the Republican Guards when they had their children with them, stating " Most of the injured were shot in the back and this shows that they were not clashing with the armed forces".

Abdusselam said doctors who abused their jobs and hid the truths would be punished.

Meanwhile Sharif M., who lives nearby the Republican Guards Headquarters, told the AA that he was woken up by the noises as bullets hit the walls of his house.

Constitutional declaration amends elections in 9 months

01:41 - Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour issued late on Monday a 33-article constitutional declaration to regulate the transitional phase that followed the ouster of elected President Mohammad Morsi.

The declaration, stipulates amending the suspended constitution first, then holding parliamentaryelections, followed by presidential polls.

The president should appoint within two weeks a committee of experts to amend the constitution. They should conclude their task in a period of one month and present their proposals to a 50-member committee representing all sections of society, including at least ten women and youths.

The committee must conclude a final draft of the amendments in 30 days. The amendments come into effect once adopted by the people in a referendum.

The president should call for parliamentary elections within two weeks, and the poll should be held in no more than two months.

At most a week after the new parliament comes into session, it should call for presidential elections.

The declaration gives the interim president legislative authority after consulting the government until the new parliament is elected.

The declaration does not set a time ceiling for the end of the transitional phase, but indicates that amending the constitution and holding legislative and presidential poll should be completed in no more than nine months.

Egypt PM, 10 ministers resign after military coup

21:16 -Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandi resigned on Monday, addressing the resignation letter to ousted President Mohammad Morsi and decrying the military coup against him.

I prepared this resignation to present it to his excellence President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday," Qandil said in a statement accompanying his resignation letter.

The prime minister said he had tried to steer his government since the ouster of Morsi until the formation of a new government.

But as it became practically impossible to work in view of the bloodshed, I decided to activate the resignation at once."

"After this obvious military coup and in view of this atmosphere, it has become difficult for any government to work," Qandil said.

"The blood shedding will disgrace us all, regardless of the reasons or intentions."

Egypt's grand imam advisor urges ousted president's release

20: 25 - An advisor to Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb has called for the release of ousted President Mohammad Morsi before engaging in any talks for national reconciliation.

"Egyptian officials should take the initiative to release all people detained because of their political stances, including Mohammad Morsi," Sheikh Hasan Al-Shafae said in a televised speech.

"Only then can reconciliation start and I, as well as other figures with credibility, can help achieve reconciliation."

Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, has been detained by the military since his ouster last week.

Under an army roadmap, the constitution has been suspended and the head of the Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, was sworn in as interim president.

Shafae insisted that the transitional period must not exceed six months.

"This period should be sufficient to amend the constitution and hold presidential and parliamentary elections."



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