Houthi rebels retake positions in sth Yemen

In Lahj province, which borders Aden, rebels are now positioned on a hill overlooking the strategic Al-Anad airbase, according to sources.

Houthi rebels retake positions in sth Yemen

World Bulletin / News Desk

Iran-backed rebels retook positions in southern Yemen in a bid to advance on second city Aden, military sources said Sunday as a landmine blast killed 16 soldiers east of Sanaa.

The rebels regained the positions they had lost in fighting in recent months, including a hilltop overlooking the strategic Al-Anad airbase in Lahj province which borders Aden, they sources said.

The base currently houses Sudanese forces from a Saudi-led coalition that has been battling rebels across Yemen since March.

The rebel deployment near Al-Anad "poses a real danger to pro-government and coalition forces", a military source told AFP.

Yemen's loyalist forces, backed by coalition strikes, supplies and troops, had pushed the rebels out of Aden, now the temporary headquarters of the Gulf-backed government, after a July offensive.

Four other southern provinces -- Lahj, Daleh, Abyan and Shabwa -- were also retaken by the loyalist forces.

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