In Libya, fighting casts pall over Ramadan holiday

Despite the holy month of Ramadan the fightings still continue in Lİbya

In Libya, fighting casts pall over Ramadan holiday

World Bulletin / News Desk

Although the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan began last week, many Libyans say they are unable to feel the holiday spirit this year due to the armed conflict that has continued to ravage the North African country.

“We don’t feel Ramadan this year because all the places we usually gather in during the holy month are now rocked by violence,” Benghazi resident Naji al-Toumi said, adding that many of the city’s residential areas had “become battlefields.”

Frequent artillery shelling, meanwhile, has claimed scores of civilian lives and reduced numerous homes to rubble.

“We had hoped the fighting would wind down during Ramadan, but this didn’t happen,” Nouri Balrowin, head of Libya’s state-run National Oil Corporation. “We have to fast and have Iftar with the sound of artillery in the background, while occasionally hearing tragic news about the death of friends or relatives,” he added.

Tarek Rajab, for his part, who hails from capital Tripoli, complained that frequent hours-long electricity outages “make it difficult to fast, especially that we can’t use air conditioners during the summer.” 

Güncelleme Tarihi: 26 Haziran 2015, 12:27