International reactions to Egypt military coup continue

As countries worldwide react to the military coup in Egypt, Turkey has condemned "the mentally that topples the legitimate government and the president, fires on its own people and hands over the authority to someone else in Egypt."

International reactions to Egypt military coup continue

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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Arinc said has Turkey strongly condemned "the mentally that topples the legitimate government and the president, fires on its own people and hands over the authority to someone else in Egypt."

Speaking at a press conference after a cabinet meeting Monday Arinc said Turkey would maintain its "principled and ethical manners" towards the incidents in Egypt.

"It is out of question to impose sanctions on the government which thinks that they have taken over the power," Arinc said.

Referring to the "historic and rooted relations" between the two countries Arinc said, "maintaining solidarity with Egyptian people, elected President Mohamed Morsi and the government is what we are trying to do."

Arinc also rejected rumors that Egypt's ousted President Mohammad Morsi could be sent to exile in Turkey.

"It is an moral duty for Turkey to assess the situation positively if Morsi needs Turkey. But neither Morsi himself nor someone else has made such a request," Arinc said.

He said that there were nearly 8 thousand Turkish people in Egypt and they would be evacuated immediately if needed.

"There are also Turkish companies and their investments in Egypt. These companies employ 50 thousands Egyptians, contributing to the country's economy. If those companies were badly affected by the current situation in the country, Egypt's economy would be damaged the most."

Arinc said they called on other countries and institutions including the EU and member states of the Arab League and specifically the US to increase the international pressure on Egypt to protect democracy and prevent human rights violation in the country.

The Turkish deputy premier reiterated that all the leaders must be released and an interim government must be formed to hold early elections and Morsi must be reinstated.

Countries worldwide react

The post-military coup developments in Egypt continue to draw reactions from several countries in different ways.

While Syria reopened its embassy in Cairo -- which remained closed during the administration of Egypt's ousted President Mohammad Morsi -- restoring the diplomatic ties, a group from the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood, Congress Party and Sudan Islamist Movement gathered outside the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum to protest the military coup.

Saudi Arabia's cabinet meeting on Monday also discussed the developments in Egypt and called on Egyptians to act with reason to protect the country's security and stability.

On the other hand Tunisian Human Rights Minister Samir Dilou said they would not support one party against the other as they would only side with the Egyptian public.

Several European countries and institutions also released statements over the issue.

"Escalation of deadly clashes in Egypt are shocking and horrible. I strongly condemn violence against civilians. Egypt's security forces and all other actors should take responsibility and stop bloodshed," European Parliament Speaker Martin Schulz said in a written statement.

Greek Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos said, "Egypt's political actors should live up to their responsibilities on protecting the country from being dragged into a civil war," adding that Europe should contribute to the normalization process and prove that it is consistent in supporting democracy in Egypt.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry, as well, released a statement, saying Egyptian authorities should make an urgent national dialogue call on all parties, as well as providing a ground for democratic elections as soon as possible.

"The only solution for Egypt is to form a political process that would include concrete participation of all political forces," Italian Foreign Ministry stated.

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