Iran army chief tells US to leave Syria alone

Iran's Chief of General Staff believes the U.S. should stay out of the problems in Syria and let them decide themselves in the presidential elections.

Iran army chief tells US to leave Syria alone

World Bulletin / News Desk

Iran’s Chief of General Staff Hassan Firouzabadi said on Monday that the U.S. will not be able to achieve its goals in Syria.

Firouzabadi in response to the U.S. saying that they will send weapons to opposition groups to push the Syrian regime to negotiation said "there is no weapon and the terrorists cannot use those weapons. Thus, the U.S. should leave alone the Syrian people so that they can shape their country's future," according to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' official website.

"The opposition groups have great disputes that cause clashes between them. In the circumstances the terrorists in Syria have two options. Their first option is laying down arms and resigning themselves to the Syrian regime. The second option is finding a way to flee", Firouzabadi added.

The Chief of General Staff also stated that the presidential election is only way to go in Syria and that the Syrian people will give their answer.

The Syrian presidential elections are scheduled to take place on June 3. 

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