Iran offers nuclear cooperation with Hungary

Iran hopes to pursue 'peaceful nuclear activities' in cooperation with Hungary

Iran offers nuclear cooperation with Hungary

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Iran has proposed Thursday a project with Hungary to design and develop a small nuclear reactor that could be sold across Asia and Africa and built in the Islamic republic.

Iran's top nuclear official, Ali Akbar Salehi, made the announcement at a conference in Budapest. 

"We intend to fully utilize all commercial and technical opportunities, including the pursuit of peaceful nuclear activities, emanating from this deal," Salehi said.

He was referring to a landmark deal Iran reached with world powers last year under which it curbed its disputed nuclear activity, prompting the removal of sanctions imposed on Tehran and freeing it to reconnect with the global economy.

Salehi said he had in mind a joint pilot project with Hungary to design a 25-megawatt reactor and from that to develop a reactor of up to 100 megawatts, a size he said would be marketable across Asia and Africa.

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