Iran to relax censorship curbs on books

The announcement Iran’ Cultural Minister Ali Jannati stating that the reviewing of books previously banned and censored in the country has excited book dealers who are seeking to widen their markets.

Iran to relax censorship curbs on books

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In the first sign of change being brought to the table by the new president Hassan Rouhani, there are indications that Iran is planning to relax curbs on its publishing industry.

Shortly after the former president Mahmud Ahmedinejad was elected in 2006, bestseller books like Tracy Chevailer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ were banned.

According to a report on the Guardian, Jannati said that books that had previously been censored would have their status reviewed and be subjected to new decisions. ‘We will soon show our dedication to the freedom of our printing industry, and especially to our writers and thinkers, by easing the current atmosphere,’ he said.

Arman, a reformist newspaper, published a comment by Jannati on Jannati’s statement about censorship saying ‘I sadly learned that some books were denied permission to be published only on the grounds of personal opinions. I think if the Qu'ran was not a divine revelation, when it was handed to the book supervisory board, they would say some words did not comply with public chastity and would deny it permission for publication.’

Upon Jannati’s statement, Mitch Albert, an expert on the Middle-East from the London based Westbourne publishing house, said ‘I would hazard a guess that we won't be seeing The Satanic Versesappear anytime soon in a new Iranian edition, but one hopes that the works of banned Iranian authors such as the great Sadegh Hedayat,Shahrnoush Parsipour and the late Houshang Golshiri will be given freer rein now.’

In an interview with CNN last month, Rouhani said that he would put all his efforts in to make sure the people of Iran can comfortably access all global information and make use of it.

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