Iran's Larijani: political solution possible in nuclear talks

Larijani cautions against "merchant mindset" ahead of negotiations between Iran and major powers this week.

Iran's Larijani: political solution possible in nuclear talks

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Iran and Western powers can find a political solution to the issue of ending Iran's nuclear activities, Iran's Parliament speaker Ali Larjiani said Saturday. 

He also warned against a "merchant mindset" becoming an obstacle to progress at resumed talks in Vienna next week, between Iran, Britain, France, the U.S., Russia, China and Germany. 

The sides struck a deal in November 2013 that froze Iran's most sensitive nuclear activities for six months in return for limited relief from sanctions which weigh heavily on the Iranian economy.

"If they [Western countries] want a political solution to the nuclear issue in this new round of talks, then the groundwork for that has been laid,” Larijani told reporters.

“But if they want to negotiate with a merchant mindset, then it will be difficult to make progress.”

Iran is conducting parallel negotiations with UN nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Last week, they agreed to a seven-point deal to raise the possible military dimensions of Iran's past nuclear work.

Iran claims it does not want to have nuclear weapons and has a right to peaceful nuclear activity that should be recognized.

A comprehensive deal would help assuage deep-seated suspicions between the Islamic Republic and the West, as well as breathe new life into economic ties, long stalled due to sanctions.


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