Iraq seeks bigger role for Russia against ISIL

Iraq is keen on Russia having bigger role than Americans in 'anti-terrorist campaign'

Iraq seeks bigger role for Russia against ISIL

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Baghdad, Russia’s ally in its fight against ISIL, wants Russia to have a bigger role in the anti-terrorist campaign in Iraq than the US and may soon officially request to start airstrikes on its soil, the chairman of Iraqi parliament's defense committee says, RT reported Wednesday.

"We might be forced to ask Russia to launch airstrikes in Iraq soon. I think in the upcoming few days or weeks Iraq will be forced to ask Russia to launch airstrikes and that depends on their success in Syria," said Hakim al-Zamili.

"We are seeking to see Russia having a bigger role in Iraq... Yes, definitely a bigger role than the Americans," Zamili said.

The Iraqi official said that the decision would depend on how efficient the Russian campaign in Syria proved to be.
According to Zamili, the center’s role may be expanded to coordinate Russia’s future airstrikes in Iraq.

Russia last week started carrying out airstrikes in Syria against the positions of ISIL, an armed group originating in Iraq, which also grew a power base in neighboring Syria and launched a surprise offensive in Iraq, taking control of large parts of both countries.

Iraq is supporting the campaign by sharing intelligence with Russia through a communication center in Baghdad. Iran and Syria are also part of the center.  

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