ISIL bars Iraqi women from Mosul University

Armed group forbids female students from enrolling for courses

ISIL bars Iraqi women from Mosul University

World Bulletin / News Desk

Female students in Iraq’s ISIL-controlled second city were forbidden from enrolling at Mosul University on Sunday, according to an activist.

Zenun Muhsin el-Bicari told Anadolu Agency that potential students of the sciences and humanities were prevented from joining courses. Female medical students were allowed to sign up.

The university, based in the northern Iraqi city that fell to ISIL in June last year, is one of the country’s leading educational establishments and was founded in 1967.

According to a ISIL document translated by the U.K.-based Quilliam Foundation in February, ISIL sees women’s primary roles are as mothers and homemakers.

“It is fundamentally misogynist and, within its interpretation of Islamism, the role of women is ‘divinely’ limited,” the foundation said of ISIL.

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