ISIL claims to kill foreign hostages

Both hostages were last featured in September edition of ISIL's online magazine, in which militant group demanded ransom for their release

ISIL claims to kill foreign hostages

World Bulletin / News Desk

The ISIL militant group has claimed to have killed two foreign hostages -- a Chinese and a Norwegian national -- in Syria.

In its online propaganda magazine, "Dabiq", the group published graphic pictures of what it claimed were the bodies of the two slain men.

The bloodied bodies were shown next to photos of the blindfolded hostages -- identified as Chinese national Fan Jinghui and Norwegian national Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Oftsad -- when they were still alive.

The images were accompanied by the message: "To whom it may concern from the crusaders, pagans and their allies, as well as to those referred to as human ‘rights’ organizations, these (Chinese/Norwegian) prisoners were abandoned by their governments, which failed to do their utmost to purchase their freedom."

Across the center of the image, a caption reads: "Executed after being abandoned by the Kafir [disbeliever] nations and organizations".

The two hostages were last featured in the magazine's September edition, in which ISIL demanded a ransom for their release.

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