ISIL using Israeli technology for surface-to-air missiles

Resistance forces in Mosul have said that ISIL using Israel technology as well as Sony branded cameras to build and equip its missiles

ISIL using Israeli technology for surface-to-air missiles

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A plan to equip ISL missiles with cameras resembling systems used in the Rafael Python-5 missiles produced by Israel to target Iraqi, Syrian and coalition fighter jets has been revealed by resistance forces in Mosul.

Not only was ISIL using Israeli technology for missiles but  "it also produces the chemical materials used in the bombs and mortars, including poisonous gases like chlorine and mustard gas, which were earlier discovered by the Iraqi and Kurdish forces near Mosul and al-Anbar province"

By implementing the plan, the ISIL seeks to equip the missiles with tracking, tracing and controlling systems which include special electronic circuits and a micro computer chip that receives and processes the information and gives digital orders to the control circuit in the engine impellers through 5-volt micro computer chip.

Based on the information gained by the resistance forces, the ISIL uses Sony cameras to equip its missiles.

The reports came after evidence indicated in July 2014 that Japan’s electronics giant, Sony, had assisted Israel in its deadly offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip.

A piece of an Israeli rocket was discovered in Gaza showing that Sony Corporation has provided the Israel regime with cameras and high-tech control boards to equip its missiles.

A camera apparently manufactured by Sony was mounted on the rocket piece to help Israeli warplanes choose their targets in the Gaza Strip.

Source: FARSnews


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