Israel assured Egypt US won't cut aid

Israel has been lobbying in Washington urging the US not to cut aid to Egypt while assuring Egypt against such potential cuts.

Israel assured Egypt US won't cut aid

World Bulletin/News Desk

Israel has been lobbying in Washington urging the US not to cut aid to Egypt as well as keeping close contact with General Sisi while supporting his military overthrow of elected Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, according to a recent New York Times report.

The report indicates that Israel, and certain Arab allies of the US such as Saudi Arabia, have been lobbying in Washington so as prevent US President Obama from taking a harsh approach against Egypt’s generals and their toppling of the elected government.

It also explains that General Sisi has been keeping constant correspondence with Israeli, whom he has relations while formerly positioned as head of military intelligence, as Israel expressed support for the Egyptian military’s takeover.

Although Israeli officials deny having guaranteed Egypt that US aid would not be cut, Western diplomatics have voiced their conviction that Israel had been assuring Egypt to not be concerned of losing financial support from the US.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee had letters sent to US senators on July 31 opposing Senator Rand Paul’s proposed amendment that military aid by halted to Egypt after the military coup and following repression against targeted groups.

Israel National News Arutz Sheva, citing the NYT report, wrote that Israel worries that if the US were to cut aid to Egypt, Egypt would no longer be obliged to maintain its partnership with Israel. 

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