Israel kills Gazan teen as Palestinians mark Land Day / PHOTO

Israeli troops killed a Palestinian teenager and wounded several others while Israeli Arabs and Palestinians marked "Land Day."

Israel kills Gazan teen as Palestinians mark Land Day / PHOTO
Israeli troops killed Tuesday a Palestinian teenager and wounded several others, opening fire on protestors near the Gaza border while Israeli Arabs and Palestinians marked "Land Day."
The murder came as six separate Land Day rallies across the Gaza Strip, with residents and internationals marching toward the Israeli-imposed buffer zone, which prohibits Palestinian access to some 20% of arable lands in Gaza, Maan News Agency said.
Events were held across Israel and the occupied territories in an annual commemoration of Israel's killing of six Arab citizens during a 1976 protest against land confiscations.

The groups protest the buffer-zone by marching toward the restricted area, usually until the restricted zone is enforced by Israeli soldiers paroling the area, extending 300 meters into the Strip for the length of its border on the north, and east sides.
A 15-year-old Palestinian, Mohammed al-Faramawi, was shot dead east of the southern Gaza town of Rafah near the heavily guarded border shortly before dozens of demonstrators marched to the site.
Gaza medics and witnesses said he was killed by Israeli forces, charges denied by the Israeli military, which said it had fired warning shots at those approaching the border but had not hit anyone.
the Yasser Arafat International Airport and surrounding area was the target of several Israeli airstrikes over recent weeks. The airport was destroyed in 2002 by Israeli strikes and has remained nonoperational.

Israel's Arab minority leads Land Day demonstrations every year to protest against discrimination and assert its solidarity with the Palestinians. Similar events are held in the occupied West Bank as well as Gaza.


In Israel, thousands of people gathered in the mostly Arab northern town of Sakhnin where they waved Palestinian flags.

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