Israel: Nuclear-armed Iran would end 'regional peace'

Netanyahu said that a nuclear-armed Iran would end the prospects for Palestinian-Israeli peace.

Israel: Nuclear-armed Iran would end 'regional peace'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that a nuclear-armed Iran would end the prospects for Palestinian-Israeli peace, and would erode existing accords with Israel's neighbors.

“Our best efforts to reach Palestinian-Israeli peace will come to nothing if Iran succeeds in building atomic bombs,” remarked the Israeli premier at the Saban Forum in Washington Sunday.

He added: “A nuclear-armed Iran would give even greater backing to the radical and terrorist elements in the region. It would undermine the chances of arriving at a negotiated peace. I would say it would undermine those peace agreements that we have already reached with two of our neighbors.”

Israel currently has peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt.

Netanyahu called for ongoing negotiations with Iran to curb hardline rhetoric and policies, saying, "I believe there must be an unequivocal demand alongside the negotiations in Geneva for a change in Iranian policy. This must be part and parcel of the negotiations. In other words, I am saying that what is required is not merely a shift and a diminution of Iran’s capability, an elimination of its capability to produce nuclear weapons, but also a demand to change its genocidal policy."

Regarding sanctions relief, Netanyahu said that additional steps should not be taken while criticizing the current economic boost Iran received following the announcement of the agreement reached in Geneva.

He cautioned that Israel could act to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

"We will do, and I will do what is necessary to protect the Jewish state, and the future of the Jewish people. Our best efforts, mine and those of President Obama, have yet to achieve the desired results. The jury is still out. Iran is perilously close to crossing the nuclear threshold," said Netanyahu.

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