Israel preparing for next Lebanon war-report

With tensions rising in the north following Hezbollah’s launch of a drone into Israel, Israel is preparing for a new war and will define its targets more clearly, Haaretz reports

Israel preparing for next Lebanon war-report

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After the Iranian-made drone launched by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, which penetrated Israeli airspace last Saturday, Israel continues to keep the findings of its investigation into the drone incident under wraps. According to the report by Israeli paper Haaretz, the unmanned aircraft was not a "suicide" weapon, but was sent to photograph targets in Israel; review Israel's aerial-defense system; and also to reinforce Hezbollah's deterrent credibility as much as possible.

Israel's security establishment is making an ongoing effort to maintain its deterrent edge with regard to Hezbollah, and the officials are taking steps in the international arena to gain legitimacy for any future military measures that might need to be taken, Haaretz reported.

"This diplomatic preparation for possible war is necessary: The underlying operating assumption is that the next round of conflict will begin under adverse circumstances, from Israel's standpoint" says Haaretz.

According to the paper, "the lack of a comprehensive list of viable targets was one of the major errors of the 2006 war" and now "priority in operations will be given to anything used as a base for firing rockets at Israel, at its civilian population and at military targets" says IDF officials, declaring "organizations' infrastructures, and then, if the need arises, the Lebanese army, should it intervene in the fighting," will be the targets.

After the 2006 war, Hezbollah moved most of its resources from various camps in the field - branded "nature reserves" by the IDF, Israeli army officials claims. The report states "95 percent of Hezbollah targets are siuated in civilian surroundings, and involve the use of civilians as human shields. These are not military bases - they are headquarters and arsenals, located within buildings that also serve as places of residence for civilians."

"A residential building that holds weapons, or that is used as an emergency military headquarters, constitutes a viable military target. The IDF has the responsibility of warning the civilian population before an attack, and of assembling high quality intelligence information to ensure a precise strike," report says.

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