Israel reportedly strikes Syrian chemical facility

Syria accuses Israel of striking military facility international community claims is used for chemical weapons production 

Israel reportedly strikes Syrian chemical facility

World Bulletin / News Desk

Syria's army has accused Israel of hitting a military base, reportedly used for chemical weapons production, in an airstrike early Thursday. 

The Syrian army said in a statement that two soldiers were killed after Israeli jets in Lebanese airspace fired missiles at the facility in the northwestern Masyaf area. 

The U.S. government has accused the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center in Masyaf of producing chemical weapons allegedly used by regime leader Bashar al-Assad against Syrian civilians, placing sanctions on 271 of its employees earlier this year. 

“The strike reported last night is not routine. It targeted a Syrian military-scientific center for the development and manufacture of, among other things, precision missiles. which will have a significant role in the next round of conflict,” tweeted Amos Yadlin, formerly an Israeli Air Force general and military intelligence head. 

He added: "The factory that was targeted in Masyaf produces the chemical weapons and barrel bombs that have killed thousands of Syrian civilians. If the attack was conducted by Israel, it would be a commendable and moral action by Israel against the slaughter in Syria."

Israel routinely does not comment on operations in Syria, but politicians have previously confirmed that the air force has carried out strikes in the neighboring country, mostly to stop weapons from being transferred to Lebanese militia Hezbollah. 

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