Israel secretly sending refugees to Uganda

Israel has started sending dozens of African migrants to Uganda.

Israel secretly sending refugees to Uganda

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Israel has started a secret operation to send African asylum seekers to Uganda, an Israeli newspaper reported. 

A Sudanese citizen, who left Israel for Uganda last month, said that he was on a plane with six other Sudanese asylum seekers. They had all agreed to be moved to Uganda in return for being released from Saharonim detention center, Negev.

The man also said he had received $3,500 for leaving the country as part of Israel's "voluntary departure" procedure.

The director of the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, Reut Michaeli, told the Israel's Haaretz newspaper, "The State of Israel is proposing to asylum seekers a return to Uganda with no assurances or official agreement,"

She added that as far as her organisation knows, the asylum seekers will not receive legal status in Uganda and they will not have any papers allowing them to leave if they want to.

"In addition to all that, it is known that Uganda deports asylum seekers to their countries of origin," Michaeli pointed out.


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Joseph Beneliezer
Joseph Beneliezer - 8 yıl Önce

The Eritreans come here illegally looking for work and demand refugee status after they cross through Sudan and Egypt. We are not Europe and we are not going to accept them in our borders and that is a consensus view in Israel. We do not want them (period).