Israel's air force monitors Iran despite nuclear deal

Israel will continue to keep its focus on Iran irrespective of any nuclear deal for fear of any possible conflict.

Israel's air force monitors Iran despite nuclear deal

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Israeli air force is building its long-range capabilities, and is continuing to be on alert for any potential future scenario that may develop between Israel and Iran..

IAF’s Air Operations, established during the Israeli attacks on Gaza in 2014,  has the task for how the air force operates, drawing up and carrying out offensive and defensive missions, processing threat alerts, using intelligence to build up strike plans, and many other crucial IAF activities according to a report in The Jerusalem Post.

“Hezbollah in Lebanon remains the main threat,” a senior military source said.

“That’s where things are happening that we may not fully grasp. If a third Lebanon war breaks out, we may not fully be aware of the scope and intensity of that event. Hezbollah in the north is the main thing,” the anonymous source told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

But Iran remains a very significant potential threat for the future, he said.

“We always have to be ready. Iran heads an axis that threatens Israel. Who said that on the twelfth day of a [potential] war with Hezbollah, we won’t get an order from the prime minister to punish Iran [which sponsors and arms Hezbollah]?” Iran could build its confidence over the next three to five years, and then, in eight to 10 years, it could “lift its heads” and seek a nuclear breakout capability, the source said.

The source also said that Iran still “nourishes” the area with malicious terrorism and weapons.

“The IAF and Military Intelligence have to be ready,” he said.

Meanwhile, to the South, the IAF has committed itself to reaching any underground bunker Hamas has dug. “There is no such thing as ‘No we can’t,” there is only ‘I don’t want to,’” said the source.

“We can reach as deeply as necessary. We are working with Southern Command on this.”

Without any reference to the operational details, the source said that the new approach is based on hitting the most critical enemy targets first, rather than trying to hit everything simultaneously.

“We have to prevent the enemy from achieving an early ‘victory picture,’” said the source.

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