Jordan to expel Syrian ambassador, says MP

Jordanian lawmaker Abdullah Obeidat claimed that the government will expel the Syrian ambassador within days. The government has made no comment.

Jordan to expel Syrian ambassador, says MP

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Jordanian government will expel Syrian ambassador Bahgat Soliman within days, a Jordanian lawmaker said on Thursday.

Abdullah Obeidat told AA that the government had vowed to expel the Syrian envoy after the latter insulted Obeidat in an embassy statement.

On Wednesday, the Jordanian media cited a statement attributed to the Syrian embassy in which the ambassador described Obeidat as an "impertinent, vulgar nobody."

The statement came one day after the lawmaker had criticized Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who, Obeidat had said, was "damned by God."

"The Syrian ambassador violated all diplomatic protocols by distributing an official statement in which he attacked a lawmaker," Obeidat said.

The Jordanian government has not confirmed the lawmaker's claim.

On Wednesday, the Jordanian Parliament issued a statement condemning the Syrian ambassador's alleged comments as "an infringement on diplomatic boundaries…by a sister state."

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