Jordanian deputies protest gas deal with Israel

79 Jordanian parliamentarians have pledged their support to “Say No to Natural Gas Deal with Israel” campaign.

Jordanian deputies protest gas deal with Israel
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Seventy-nine parliamentarians from Jordanian House of Representatives supported the “Say No to Natural Gas Deal with Israel” campaign between Israel and Jordan.

Some non-governmental organizations started the campaign and so far 79 Jordanian parliamentarians have pledged their support with their signatures. Jordan will discuss and vote on the natural gas agreement at parliament on Tuesday.

“A natural gas deal with Israel means that Israel’s violations will continue, and that’s why we are against this projected agreement,” said Cemal Gamuh, president of the Energy Committee of Jordanian House of Representatives.

Gamuh explained that the deal has to be approved by the Jordanian House of Representatives and said that a lot of deputies are against this possible deal.

“The natural gas which is sold by Israel is stolen from the lands of Palestine. The possible deal will strengthen the Zionist economy,” Badi el-Refaiyye, a member of the Jordanian Energy Committee said.

Energy Minister of Jordan Mohammed Hamid said that Jordan and Noble Energy, an oil and gas company from the U.S., which operates the Leviathan gas field in Israel, reached an agreement in September to supply natural gas to Jordan’s power plants for 15 years.

Noble Energy is due to supply 45 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which is expected to flow in 2017 to Jordan’s National Electric Power Company.

The Leviathan gas field has 621 bcm of natural gas reserves, which is located at the west of Haifa, Israel's third largest city. Noble Energy owns almost 40 percent of the gas field. Both Delek Drilling and Avner Oil from Israel have a 23 percent share and Ratio Oil Exploration has a 15 percent interest.

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