Kenya arrests 200 in fresh police swoop

Many of those arrested in the South C area are said to be Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and Somali nationals.

Kenya arrests 200 in fresh police swoop

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Kenyan police arrested at least 200 people in a news crackdown on criminals and illegal immigrants in Nairobi's upscale South C neighborhood and the port city of Mombasa.

"All arrested are now detained in Kasarani Stadium for screening and possible deportation," Nairobi Deputy Commandant of Police Moses Ombati told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

Many of those arrested in the South C area are said to be Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and Somali nationals.

It was the first time that the ongoing security operation extended beyond Eastleigh, a Nairobi district heavily populated by Somalis.

Police say the crackdown has now moved to other Nairobi neighborhoods and other counties.

Following a recent spate of attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa, the authorities have launched a wide-ranging operation aimed at restoring public security.

The operation has seen thousands of people detained for screening, mostly thought to be Muslims from the capital's Eastleigh district, home to an estimated 50,000 Somali refugees.

As of last week, at least 3600 people had been detained for screening and interrogation at Nairobi's Kasarani Stadium.


Mohamed Osman, a Kenyan national, said police officers had conducted door-to-door searches in the South C neighborhood.

"They are demanding an ID and 5000 shillings as the valid identification documents," Osman told AA, referring to frequent accusations of extortion leveled at security personnel.

Administration police spokesman Masoud Munyi, for his part, denied the claims.

"These are false accusations meant to tarnish the image of the police," he told AA. "Those who claim to have been harassed are just those that do not want to be arrested."

In the coastal city of Mombasa, 55 people were arrested on Monday night in a raid on Majengo, a Swahili-Arab district described by security agencies as a recruiting ground for Somalia's Al-Shabaab militant group.

Police say those arrested lacked proper identification documents and would be arraigned in court on Wednesday.

More arrests are expected in the run-up to the Christian Easter holidays, which begin on Friday.

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