Kids in Syrian refugee camps rapping

Young Syrian girls and boys in refugee camps in Turkey express themselves and the stories they hear through rap music.

Kids in Syrian refugee camps rapping

World Bulletin/News Desk

Outside is the sprawling Kilis refugee camp, home to 12,000 Syrians now camped on the Syrian Turkish border.

Inside, the 'Youth Movement of Damascus' is warming up. Every other day, it's rap music.

The audio equipment comes from the camp management. The enthusiasm comes from the young Syrians, who perform for some of the camp children.

And rap isn't just for the boys. Girls, two of them, rap too.

"Rap is an art. We hear stories outside on the street and we convert them into rap. Doing this gives power and energy for all of us who perform it," says Syrian Nur Janudi.

Music, and the staccato chatter of rap, connect these young people to a world and a future that still seems far away.

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