Kurdish group advancing toward northern Iraq border

The PYD which continues to clash with the El Nusra Front in northern Syria has begun to advance toward the Arabiya Border Gate on the Syria-Iraq border.

Kurdish group advancing toward northern Iraq border

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The YPG, the armed wing of the PYD known for its affiliation with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), is advancing toward the Arabiya Gate in Mosul in northern Iraq. The YPG is preparing an operation for the border gate which is currently controlled by the El Nusra Front.

According to a report in Milliyet, the YPG—the armed wing of the PYD— which clashed with the El Nusra Front on the Ceylanpınar and Akcakale borders is advancing toward the Arabiya border crossing opened in Mosul in northern Iraq.

Ranked second after the Habur border gate in terms of the strategic importance to Syria and Iraq, the Arabiya border crossing is on a trade route. A large part of the economic activity between Syria to Iraq is conducted through this gate. The region which is inhabited predominantly by a Turkmen population on the Syria and the Iraqi sides is controlled by El Nusra groups.

After the Nusaybin, Ceylanpınar and Akcakale border crossings connecting the Kurdish region to Turkey were closed following the PYD establishing control, the region has begun to experience need and food shortages. The needs of the Kurds in Syria were being tried to be met through the border crossing opening into the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. However, because of the conflict between parties following policies close to the PYD and northern Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani, this gate was closed to Syrian Kurds. While conflict continues between the Kurds regarding the crossing which is occasionally opened for urgent needs, the PYD is expanding its operations to the North in order to capture the Arabiya crossing opened in Mosul.

Occasional clashes occur in areas close to the crossing between groups linked to the YPG and Al Nusra. In the case of the PYD seizing the crossing, it will also have captured the trade route to Iraq. The area from Arabiya in the Syrian part to Mosul, including the Rabia crossing, is inhabited by Arabs and Turkmens.

The Turkmen city of Tal Afar is located between the border crossing and Mosul. The kind of reaction which Arab tribes will exhibit if the Arabiya crossing were to be seized by the PYD is being wondered.

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