Kurdish National Conference's date announced

The Kurdish National Conference will be hosted by northern Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government from September 15 to 17

Kurdish National Conference's date announced

World Bulletin/News Desk

The Kurdish National Conference, previously planned to be held in August, has been delayed due to incomplete infrastructural preparations. The Conference is currently expected to be held from September 15 to 17.

The attendees are determined by the preparation committee, and 500 people representing Kurds from various states including Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran would attend the conference.

Member of the Drafting Committee of the Kurdish National Conference Kamal Kirkuki had said on Friday that the decision regarding the date on which the conference would be held had been delayed until Saturday.

Kirkuki said in his speech after the meeting that the committee had not determined the date of the conference as of yet.

"We adjourned the decision on the date of the conference to Saturday August 17. We will clarify the date. We have taken all the necessary preparations for the event to be wholesome," said Kirkuki.

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