Leaked Sisi recording shows fraudulent prison plan for Morsi

A "fabricated" recording of top Egypt officials discussing the imprisonment of Morsi has been broadcast on Egyptian television.

Leaked Sisi recording shows fraudulent prison plan for Morsi

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Mikkemmel Channel which is broadcast in Egypt, leaked an audio recording of an alleged phone call made between members of the Egypt's Interior Ministry and the Supreme Military Council (YAK).

According to the recording, YAK member Major Mamdooh Shaheen, in a phone call with Navy Commander Osama al-Jundi who was responsible for the removal of Morsi spoke of “unity event” and “espionage”and that Morsi's situation will deteriorate as he was put in an unknown location illegally.

Sahin says in the recording, “The Attorney general who has sent Under-secretary Mustafa Hatir and Ibrahim Salih who forged documents during the court case, wants the prison where Mursi is, for a decision to be made so that it cannot be contested afterwards”.

“The defence delegation will show that Morsi must be held in prison and will appeal this. If this is accepted then he will be released. The attorney general wants to show forged documents regarding his location and wants Cundi to explain to the Interior Ministry that he wants him to remain in a prison that is tied to the Interior Ministry".

According to the recording, there is a disagreement between Shaheen and Jundi, and soon after the Defence Ministers Office Manager Abbas Kamil intervenes and gives instructions to take action on the issue.

"We did a great job"

In the recording, they say they are fearful that lawyers defending Morsi might attempt to visit the place where he is being detained.

“They’re claiming that the military kidnapped him [Morsi] and placed him in a military unit,” says one. “They detained him in an illegal place."

“Yes, illegal,” another replies.

During the clips, men can be heard shouting at each other. Egypt’s public prosecutor is alleged, on the tapes, to urge officials, including the Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim, to solve the crisis “in any way possible".

They also discuss methods of disguising the military unit as a civilian prison.

Shaheen tells Kamil in the recording that, “All the documents relating to the prison are ready, don't worry, we did a great job and the Attorney General is happy”. Straight after this he speaks about General Sisi. Sisi, asking if his orders have been completed said, “The most dangerous task that involves the Interior Ministry has been completed”.

Morsi who was taken to an unknown location after the coup was seen for the first time on the 4th November this year at Cairo's Police Academy during the proceedings for the “unity events”. After the postponement of the hearing, Morsi was transferred to the Tora Prison. Morsi is also being charged with “prison raids” and “spying” in the courtcase.

Lawyers call on UN to investigate Sisi leaks

Meanwhile, lawyers representing Morsi have called on the UN to investigate recordings leaked from President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's office, Middle East Eye reported.

"This recording, if confirmed, reveals the full extent of the military regime's deception," said Tayab Ali, partner at ITN Solicitors in London and a member of Morsi's legal team, in a statement released late Friday. "My clients have always maintained that there was no lawful basis for the coup or the subsequent steps taken against the [Freedom and Justice Party] and its members."

"It is imperative that an independent investigation takes place as a matter of urgency in order to determine whether there was a conspiracy of the nature detailed in these recordings to overthrow Egypt's first elected civilian," Ali said in the statement. "The Egyptian prosecutor should release President Morsi immediately."

Sisi’s office had not issued a statement regarding the alleged leak.

Supporters of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood - now designated a terrorist organisation by Egyptian authorities - have already seized on the leaked recordings as evidence the charges levelled against the controversial figure are baseless.

In the wake of the publication, many took to social media to discuss the leak and its veracity - within three hours of the recordings being shared, posts using the hashtag created about the clips had reached over 100,000 accounts on Twitter, according to the MEE report.

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