Lebanon nabs 10 for 'kidnapping' Assad opponents

Ten members of pro-Damascus Arabic Socialist Baath Party were arrested after found being involved in kidnapping of opponents of regime.

Lebanon nabs 10 for 'kidnapping' Assad opponents
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 Lebanese security agencies have arrested ten people suspected of kidnapping opponents of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the eastern Beqaa region with the aim of smuggling them into Syria for "liquidation," a security source said.

"Personnel from [Lebanon's] intelligence-gathering division arrested ten people, mostly Lebanese nationals affiliated with the [pro-Damascus] Arab Socialist Baath Party, based on a tipoff that they were involved in kidnapping opponents of the Syrian regime," a security source told The Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity.

According to the source, cell members were recruited by the Syrian intelligence agency and were responsible for the kidnapping of Syrian opposition figure Mohamed al-Noamani from Lebanon's Beqaa region and smuggling him into Syria.

"The cell, which has a list of kidnap targets, is employing the services of pro-Damascus individuals in Beqaa who help transport the abductees in exchange for money," the source added, noting that six individuals were still wanted in connection with the case.

The ten suspects are currently under interrogation, the source said, without revealing any of their identities.

The conflict in next-door Syria, now in its fourth year, has continued to fuel sectarian tension inside Lebanon, with the Shiite Hezbollah group's ongoing military support for al-Assad's Alawite-dominated regime drawing condemnation from local Sunni groups.


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