Millions of children face disease in Yemen

Escalating violence in Yemen has devastated the country's health system and exposed millions of children to the threat of preventable diseases including measles, pneumonia and diarrhoea, UNICEF said.

Millions of children face disease in Yemen

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UNICEF warned in a written statement Tuesday that children in Yemen face health risks because of the ongoing conflict.

Children in Yemen are not receiving vaccinations because medical centers lack the necessary facilities and families cannot take their children to the centers due to security concerns, according to UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Dr. Peter Salama.

Lack of vaccinations expose children to avoidable diseases such as measles, according to the UNICEF statement released Tuesday.

Malnutrition also poses increasing risks by endangering millions of children below five-years-old, according to the statement.

UNICEF said that at least 279 children have been killed and 402 others injured in the ongoing Yemeni conflict that started last March.

"Around 280 children have been killed directly in the conflict - that is very tragic in its own right," UNICEF regional director for the Middle East and North Africa Peter Salama told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

"But what is even more tragic is that hundreds of thousands more children might die if the conflict continues, and they will be largely due to preventable infectious diseases combined with malnutrition," Salama said by phone from Amman.

UNICEF said the interruption to vaccination services had left 2.6 million children under 15 at risk of measles, while 1.3 million have been exposed to acute respiratory infections such as pneumonia since the conflict escalated in March.


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