Morsi supporters chanting 'God save Morsi from the oppressors'

Demonstrators rally in capital, announce four demands including reinstatement of Morsi and constitution.

Morsi supporters chanting 'God save Morsi from the oppressors'

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Supporters of the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi gathered on Friday in Rabia al-Adewiyya Square in the capital Cairo to insist on the return of the first democratically elected president of the North African nation, toppled after only one year in power.

Protesters chanting "God save Morsi from the oppressors" and "We will go on marching for revolution" read out a statement that announced four demands, including a call for the reinstatement of Morsi's presidency and the Egyptian constitution.

The other demands deal with holding parliament elections in no later than two months and the dismissal of Egypt's chief prosecutor Abdul Majid Mahmoud.

Mahmoud declared his decision to resign his post on Friday, only four days after being reinstated by the Court of Cassation.

He had previously served as chief prosecutor under former president Hosni Mubarak, who was overthrown following a 2011 uprising.

Egyptian cleric Salah Sultan earlier accused Chief of Staff Abdel Fettah al-Sisi in his Friday sermon of being in league with prominent figures from Mubarak regime. "We can never accept Mubarak's return," he said.

Supporters eyeing Morsi return

Egypt's ousted leader Mohamed Morsi continues to receive support from anti-coup demonstrators, who oppose the military takeover and call for Egypt's first democratically elected president to be reinstated.

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has said the protests they have been organizing in support of the toppled president would continue. All party members and followers would continue packing the squares until Morsi regains his presidency, the party says.

Saad el-Katatni, FJP's chairman, and Rashad el-Bayumi, deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood, were detained on Thursday for "inciting violence and killing of protesters", while many from the Brotherhood leadership were banned from leaving the country.

Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme leader Mohamed Badie insisted Friday that Mohammad Morsi remains "the legitimate president of Egypt" and he must be reinstated, in a show of defiance against the army’s roadmap which saw the head of the constitutional court being sworn in as interim president.

"Egypt will not accept a military rule again," a defiant Badie told his audience of loyalists. "Our peaceful protests are mightier than tanks and bullets."


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