Mursi, Obama discuss Egypt protests over phone

Egyptian President Morsi discussed the ongoing protests in Egypt with his US counterpart Obama over the phone

Mursi, Obama discuss Egypt protests over phone

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi held a phone conversation with his US counterpart Barack Obama about the protests in Egypt.

Obama said the US would maintain relations with the elected Egyptian leader and asked him to respond the concerns of the protesters, according to a statement released by Egyptian Presidency.

The statement noted Obama also said Morsi must meet the demands of the protesters who had taken to the streets, adding that Obama emphasized that the recent crisis could only be resolved through a political process.

Egypitan protestors gathered in June 30 across the country for President Mohamed Morsi's resignation. The protestors attacked the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo and their Freedom and Justice Party building.

Meanwhile, thousands of Morsi’s supporters gathered in the capital of Cairo to reject the opposition's demands for his resignation and early presidential elections.

The Egyptian Army has given the country's politicians a 48-hour ultimatum to solve the crisis in the country.

25 people were killed and 781 others were wounded in the clashes between the anti-government demonsrators and Morsi's supporters since the protests broke out.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Temmuz 2013, 12:07