Mursi warns army: 'Democracy the only safe way'

Egyptian Presidency blamed the army for creating confusion while the army says they don't have a culture of coups.

Mursi warns army: 'Democracy the only safe way'

The Egyptian presidency stated that President Mohammad Mursi was not consulted about the army’s statement.

Egypt's presidency issued a statement after midnight saying that some phrases in the army's statement created confusion.

The Presidency said there was no going back on "democratic, civilian" Egypt.

The Egyptian presidency added that the mechanisms of democracy were the only safe way to settle differences.

The Army issued a statement yesterday and asked sides to find a solution in 48 hours. This was regarded as an ultimatum by observers.

Army spokesman Ahmed Mohammad Ali released a statment last night, saying that the army has no intention of a coup, and that the previous statement was made according to the climate of the streets.

The spokesman said: "The culture and mindset of the army does not allow following a policy based on coups. The Egyptian army had to enter the streets in 1977, 1986 and 2011 and never committed a coup. The Army always sided with the demands of change coming from the people. Today's (Monday's) statement was aimed to ask sides to work on a political reconciliation. The Army will always be in line with democratic ideas based on the will of people.''

The Interior Ministry also issued a statement saying police will be in solidarity with the army for the interests of national security and the interests of the people and Egypt.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Temmuz 2013, 09:52