Nasrallah warns Israel against future war at withdrawal aniversary

Nasrallah said if Israel attacks, the main Lebanese armed group would attack all ships heading towards Palestine's coasts that occupied by Israel.

Nasrallah warns Israel against future war at withdrawal aniversary

Lebanon's Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Tuesday if Israel attacks, the main Lebanese armed group would attack all ships heading towards Palestine's coasts that  occupied by Israel.

"If you (Israel) put our coasts under siege in any future war, I say all military, civilian and commercial ships heading to Palestine's coasts on the Mediterranean will be under the fire of the Islamic resistance fighters," he said via a video-link in a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon.

"(As for)those ships which will go to any port on the Palestinian coast from north to the south, (I say) we are capable of hitting it and are determined to go into this..if they besiege our coasts," he said.

"When the world will witness how these ships will be destroyed in Palestine's regional water nobody will dare to go there just as they will block (others) from coming to our coasts," he told thousands of supporters.

Nasrallah's comments come amid a five-day drill in Israel- dubbed "Turning Point 4"- which was launched on Sunday to test the Jewish state's preparedness against the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

Israel attacked the group in 2006 that that cost Lebanon a heavy civilian toll but failed to defeat its guerrilla force on the ground.


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