Netanyahu to Congressmen: Kurds should have a state

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rarely addresses the Kurdish issue.

Netanyahu to Congressmen: Kurds should have a state

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a delegation of 33 Republican congressmen last week that he is in favor of an independent Kurdish state in parts of Iraq, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

According to the source, Netanyahu expressed his “positive attitude” toward a Kurdish state in the Kurdish areas of Iraq, saying the Kurds are a “brave, pro-Western people who share our values.”

Netanyahu does not frequently address the Kurdish issue, which is a politically highly sensitive one because the traditional US position – at least until US President Donald Trump took office in January – was that Iraq should remain a united state and not be broken up into separate parts.

Furthermore, a Kurdish state is a red flag for Turkey, which is concerned that such a development would stir up independence yearnings among its own Kurdish population.

Netanyahu has not spoken publicly about the issue since 2014 when he said during a speech in Tel Aviv that Israel should “support the Kurdish aspiration for independence.”

Netanyahu’s comments to the congressmen came during a survey of regional issues and amid increasing concerns in Jerusalem that Iran is making tremendous inroads in the region, especially in Syria, but also in Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere.

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