New documents showing torture in Syria obtained

New documents showing torture and killing of dissidents in Syria were published by Anadolu Agency.

New documents showing torture in Syria obtained

World Bulletin / News Desk

New photographs obtained by the Anadolu Agency (AA) on Thursday exhibit torture and cruelty thought to be committed by the Syrian regime forces.

The photographs appear to be evidence of war crimes by the Assad regime in Syria.

They follow the publishing on Monday of another set of photographs showing the killing of nearly 11,000 Syrian detainees, in a joint exclusive by Anadolu Agency, CNN and Britain's The Guardian newspaper.

The new photographs show horrific scenes of naked human bodies covered with torture marks and bundled in tarpaulin.

One photograph features a corpse with burnt genital organs, while another shows a man whose eyes are scratched out.

It is believed the photographs were taken in military bases located near the capital, Damascus.

The opposition groups have announced they will hold a press conference in response to the new photos published by AA. 

We will not publish the photographs due to horrific scenes.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 23 Ocak 2014, 14:30