No peshmerga passage to Kobani on Sunday -UPDATED

Kurdish media claimed the first units tomorrow to across Turkey's border, but news on when the peshmerga will start their passage is denied

No peshmerga passage to Kobani on Sunday -UPDATED

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General Secretary of the Kurdish Regional Government's Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs denied Saturday's news that Kurdish peshmerga forces would start their passage to Kobani on Sunday. 

"News on when the peshmerga will start their passage is incorrect. We reject it no matter who the source is," Jabar Yawar told the Anadolu Agency. 

Some media outlets reported that Kurdish peshmerga forces would start their passage from northern Iraq to Kobani through Turkey on Sunday. 

"It is a military secret and we have not informed anybody of the date of passage," Yawar stressed. 

Turkey has recently offered to allow the movement of Iraqi peshmerga forces to Kobani.

On Friday, the Turkish General Staff issued a clarification emphasizing that no details have yet been released on how Iraqi Kurds will travel across Turkey to join the Syrian Kurdish forces fighting in the border town against ISIL. 

According to the news reported Kurdish regional press, the first unit of Peshmergas tomorrow will arrive in Kobani, passing through the Turkey's border. The first unit includes 150 Peshmergas. 

Peshmergas speaking to local media stated “commander of the first unit” Ahmad Gerdi said the unit is ready to go to Kobani over Turkey.

Gerdi also said the unit consists of Peshmergas to  Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (KYB) and Kurdistan Democrat Party (KDP).

The info about Peshmergas' identities would across to Kobani shared with both Turkey and United States.

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Muhammed Öylek